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FLCC has suspended group rides and races until further notice. See the club's Covid-19 Advisory.

Sunday Road Rides

The FLCC Sunday Ride is one of the club’s primary weekly events. While these rides are open to anyone, they tend to attract experienced riders.  The ride regroups frequently, and some paceline riding may occur. The ride may split into self-selected groups based on pace. These rides are almost always “leaderless,” and we encourage individuals who are planning to participate in a given ride to use the club’s mailing list to make their intentions known to other club members prior to the ride. 

These are not no-drop rides, and no sweep is provided. A rider who is unable to keep pace with the group may be dropped. If you are unsure of your ability to keep up, it is advisable to join one of the club's Saturday no-drop rides first. You may also want to arrange to ride with one or more friends, so that if you are dropped by the rest of the group you will not be riding alone.

We meet at 10:00 am in the early part of the season. As the weather warms, we generally meet at 9:00, though there are several exceptions to the start time and place, so be sure to check the online calendar, especially if the start point is remote. The calendar will always link to a map or cue sheet that describes the route, distances, etc.

If you aren’t familiar with the area where the route will take you, please be sure to carry a copy of the cue sheet and/or upload a map as well as the usual touring necessities — pump, patch kit, plenty of water, and a helmet. The rides generally stop every 15 or so miles to refuel and let everyone catch up, but coming prepared for more is always a safe plan.  The overall seasonal plan is that rides start out short in the spring to warm up, and work up as a sort of training regime to the climax of the longer routes around the Finger Lakes — rides around Cayuga and Seneca Lakes.

Throughout the season, though, we try to keep slower, shorter, more casual alternatives to the lengthening rides, so if you don’t want to get into the long-distance game, you don’t have to. On the other hand, many rides start outside of Ithaca, and a small group of riders is likely to start in Ithaca no matter where the ride officially starts, making for some routes to extend beyond 150 miles (around Keuka, or up to Lake Ontario, for example).

For information about any of the rides, directions, or other questions, email the Weekend Ride coordinators at