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New Website and Management Platform

Armin G Heurich  | Published on 1/29/2018

The FLCC is pleased to announce the development of its new website and membership management platform. After the FLCC Board approved the adoption of Club Express membership management services in the spring of 2017, a committee consisting of Rebecca Younes, Katie Moring, Margaret Johnson and Armin Heurich have taken on the task of learning the new platform, redesigning the website, reorganizing the site navigation, and adding new content, including many photos.

The new site/platform has many new features, including:

  • Rolling membership dates with automatic reminders when membership is about to expire
  • Club member interest categories, allowing members to identify people interested in specific activities
  • Automatic email reminders of club events
  • Effective and powerful classified ad service, allowing members to upload ads directly and include photos of products
  • Unlimited photo storage to share memories of club events
  • Club store, making it easier to purchase and sell club merchandise (coming soon)
We think that you will appreciate the improvements to the site, as well as the improved services that we can provide, while making it easier for us to manage the site and membership information.